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  "data": {
    "Address": 'demo user adress, demo street.',
    "Cname": "JOHN DOE",
    "Expanded_name": {
      "first": 'John',
      "last": 'Doe',
      "middle": 'D'
    "Gender": 'M',
    "FullName": 'John Doe',
    "Location": {
        "city": 'Gwynn Oak',
        "country": 'US',
        "geo": {
          "latitude": 'XXX XXX XXXX',
          "longitude": 'XXX XXX XXXX',
          "timezone": {
            "currentDaylightTime": true,
            "currentName": 'Eastern Daylight Time',
            "currentOffset": -14400,
            "currentShortName" 'EDT',
            "currentTime": '2020-07-23T17:38:21-0400',
            "id": 'America/New_York'
        "state": 'MD',
        "zip": 90210
    "Image": 'XXX,
    "Profile": 'XXX,
    "carrier": {
      "alt-spid": '',
      "id": '1234',
      "lrn": '',
      "name": 'Verizon Wireless',
      "ported": false,
      "spid": ''
    "Line_provider": {
      "id": '1234',
      "mms_email": '',
      "name": 'Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - DC',
      "sms_email": ''
    "Original_carrier": {
      "id": '1234',
      "name": 'Verizon Wireless'
    "Linetype": 'mobile'

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